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GY compound fertilizer dry granulating production line
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GY compound fertilizer dry granulating production line


Environment protection, No "three wastes" emission


GY-type roller granulating production line is a new generation compound fertilizer production line developed independently and owned proprietary intellectual right by our company. It realized full automation.Key parts employ wear-resistant and anti-corrosion material with high-quality. It owns features of beautiful appearance, long lifespan, high yield, wide application area and multi-purpose etc.

1. low investment, quick and high return;

2. low power consumption, reliable performing, no three wastes emission, stable operation, convenient maintenance, reasonable design for technicl process, low production cost, yield can be adjusted according to users' needs;

3. wide application for material: can be used for material granulating in compound fertilizer, medical, chemical engineering, fodder, coal, organic, inorganic compound fertilizer and single enlement fertilizer industry;

4. Produce multi-element compost/compound fertilizer with high, middle or low concentration (N,P,K 25%-53%), granules with high strength and beautiful appearance;

5. the technical process filled up domestic void in compost/compound fertilizer dry-powder granulating industry.


Annual output (T)













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